It's hard to believe that it's already Christmas again! Here are my picks for some great gifts and stocking stuffers for the musicians on your list this year. There's some general suggestions as well as some specific gear that I have really liked. 

                                   Custom Guitar Picks
How about some guitar picks with your guitarist's name on it? What about a picture of your guitarist? You can get custom guitar picks in any color, material, and size that you desire with any logo, picture, or text that you choose. There are a lot of places out there that do this (google: custom guitar picks), but they are a little pricey. The going rate seems to be around $50 for a few dozen custom guitar picks. Note that you will have to order these ASAP to get them for Christmas as they are custom made and most places get lots of Christmas orders!

Amplitube iRig for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Are you kidding me? This is one of the best ideas i've seen in a long time. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and you play guitar this should be on your list. You plug your guitar into iRig. One cable goes to the iPhone/iPod and the other goes to headphones. Just that concept alone is enough to sell me on this product. But it comes with Amplitube, one of the best guitar modeling software packages out there. I use a version of Amplitube for recording guitar at home. At around $40, this is a GREAT gift for your guitarist with an iPod Touch or iPhone. 

                                                                 Vox Amplug
A pocket-sized amp for about $40? Yes, please. The vox amplug gives great tone and features at a really cheap price. Throw this in your guitar case with a pair of headphones and you can practice  anywhere without having to lug an amp around. I've had a couple of students with these..definitely worth the money. Great idea and surprisingly great tone for such a small product. If you don't have an iPhone or iTouch, this is a great alternative to the iRig listed above!

Pick Punch
This one is new to me. I actually just saw this a few minutes ago and thought it was definitely unique enough to mention. You can take any old credit cards, gift cards, etc. and make guitar picks! They also sell sheets of material that you can use to make picks. At $25 this definitely may be worth checking out! (Due to popular demand it is backordered until December 11th.)

*If anyone tries this out before I do, please send a review!*

                                                               Guitar Stand
You can usually pick these up for under $10. If you're guitarist has more than one guitar you can pick up a double or triple guitar stand for a few bucks more. 

Guitarists that leave their guitars outside of their case and in easy reach (on a guitar stand for instance) are much more likely to grab their guitar and play. 

Guitar Strings
For what it's worth, I like Ernie Ball strings. They're cheap and  really like the sound and feel of them. You can pick them up for less than $5/pack or you can stock up and buy your guitarist enough for the next few years! These make great stocking stuffers. 

The average guitar student should be changing strings every semester. I can teach you to change them during a lesson if you bring strings or you can have me or a guitar shop do it for you outside of lessons for around $10. 

                                                                      Guitar Picks
You can never have too many guitar picks. They get lost, borrowed, forgotten about....grab a pack or two of picks for your guitarist's stocking and he will thank you later. They normally come in 12 packs in a variety of sizes and materials. If you're not sure what size or material they like peak into their guitar case to see what they use or buy them an assortment. In general, guitar picks come in thin, medium, or heavy (or a measurement that would correspond with it). 

Most kids are more excited about cool looking picks regardless of the size or material. More experienced guitarists will have a particular brand/size/material that they prefer. I've been using Dunlop Nylon, .60mm for years, but it's too thin for most of my students. Many beginners seem to prefer a heavy pick, but it's all personal preference. 

Guitar Wall Hanger

Same idea as the guitar stand but with a much cooler appeal. I like the Hercules Wall Hanger because the weight of your guitar locks it into place. These run about $15. 

                                                                 Music Stand

Not much to say here, but a music stand definitely makes for easier practice. Bypass the metallic wire stands. They're cheaper and easier to transport, but they really don't hold music well. The Manhasset pictured here is the standard and runs about $30.