I can admit it. "Hi, my name is Shane...and I'm a ukulele addict." 

I have not been able to put this thing down lately! I don't know if it's the small size or the fact that it's super quiet compared to the other instruments that I play but I find myself playing it all the time. Yesterday I was playing through some material for lessons and got stuck on the sesame street theme. It's catchy, and not too hard to play. I've been playing around with it since yesterday evening and I've gotten it to an arrangement that I'm pretty happy with for now. I may tweak it some in the future, but this song has been a great tool to help me learn notes and chord shapes on the ukulele. 

I've also been in a really good mood lately. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to be in a bad mood or depressed when you play the ukulele. 
7/21/2012 10:48:22 am

Love it. I know the chords, but could not figure out the finger picking section. Can you help?

7/21/2012 03:39:46 pm

Thanks Allison. I'm basically alternating between picking with my thumb and middle finger and pointer finger on each chord. I'll try to post a tutorial sometime!

8/24/2012 07:03:56 am

cool whats the strum


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