So, i settled in on a new design for the site and I think I like this one a lot better. Granted, from observing the traffic to the site most people never saw the old format, but I like the sleek new look. What do you think? 

The goal of this website is two-fold. First, I want a place where I can point my students to check out lesson books and other things I may talk about during lessons. Secondly, I want this to become a resource for guitarists and drummers (with a little thrown in here and there about other instruments). 

I'm in the process of adding some new features soon including Product Reviews and Instrument Comparisons. Product reviews give me a chance to give feedback on some of the cool products I have had the opportunity to experiment with lately. I've got two product reviews that I'm currently writing that should be finished by the end of the week. I'm also excited about instrument comparisons. I often get questions similar to this, "What's the best drum set I can get?" or "What guitar should I get my beginning student?". The answers to these questions are always quite subjective depending on who you ask, but I'm trying to bring in a little more objectivity. The first instrument comparison will be between drum sets (complete sets and shell packs) and we'll look at wood types, cost, configurations, etc. 

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