I just got back from the Susan G Komen race for the cure and it was my first BIG race. Not sure how many people were actually there and raced but 13,000+ people registered. All of my previous races were with groups of 100-500 people, and there were easily 5000+ at this event. I really liked the intensity and build up of the race. With that many people there is an electricity in the air. 

Now for the downside...With that many people, we didn't actually cross the starting line until at least 10 minutes after the race had begun. This throws off my timing, so I have an unofficial time of about 32 minutes for this race. This race also seemed to be about 80% walkers. I'm all for big events and fitness for all, but they should have segregated runners and walkers. I spent the majority of my three miles dodging walkers and feeling more like a runningback looking for a hole to break through than a runner. Admittedly, this can be fun and it definitely added a challenge to the race and took my mind off of running. There is something very invigorating about running by thousands of people that are walking. 

I look forward to doing this race again next year now that I have a better idea of what to expect. Now, I look forward to my first 10K in November. Back to training!

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