I've been toying with the idea of adding a running blog for a while. Running is an interesting experience. It causes me to search inside myself. It pushes me to new levels. It inspires people and brings a sense of community. I've been surprised at the changes that have occured besides the obvious physical changes. I feel better when I run. It's like I have a new perspective on the day. 

I have always been overweight. Although I was really thin as a child, I started putting on weight in elementary school and by high school I was up to 275 lbs. At 5'10", that's a lot of weight. Actually, that's a lot of weight at any height. I started watching what I ate around my 11th grade year and dropped to 240 lbs. I felt great and managed to stay at 240 through college and into my first couple of years of marraige. My weight didn't come back all at once. It slowly creeped on, pound by pound, until I looked down at the scale and realized I was back at 275 lbs. I tried to fight it. I tried to change. I fasted. I tried P90X. Twice. We joined a gym (and went 3 times within the span of a year). I attempted running, but couldn't seem to get into it. 

At the end of my rope, I made a big change in December of 2010. I decided that I needed help. We bought a Groupon deal for 4 weeks of Medical Weight Loss Solutions consultations and B12 shots. I wasn't naive enough to expect this to do all of the work for me, but thought it would be a great jump start to 2011. We were put on a strict diet and had four b12 shots over the period of a month. By the end of it, I had lost 10 lbs and was ready to lose more. We joined Fitworks Fitness gym in January and Jon Reinicke trained us in proper nutrition and exercise. It is here that our journey really began. We were in the gym 4-5+ days each week, spending time on the treadmill and doing a lot of weight lifting and strength building exercises. For once I felt like I had a plan and it was working. Through the spring the pounds fell off and by May 2011 I was down to 230 lbs, lower than I had ever been in my adult life! 

We enjoyed a great anniversary trip to the beach that May and then settled in for what was to be a rough summer. Our schedule changes during the summer and I go from being insanely busy and productive to sitting on the couch all day. We left our gym and, though I had found a new passion for running and completed two 5Ks, found that it was too hot to run outside. On a positive note, I lost a few pounds and have since been maintaining my weight (220-225). Once Fall hit and we got back into our schedule I knew it was time to get into something more consistant and start losing weight again. We had recently joined Planet Fitness and in October I decided to start taking running seriously again and began a twelve week half marathon training program. 

This blog will chronicle that twelve week training program. Currently I am on Day Three of the program. I rested on Sunday, ran three miles yesterday, and will run two miles tonight befo
10/19/2011 06:11:04 pm

Hey, Shane. That sounds good that you want to be fit. :) Fitness is not just healthy, it's also a lifestyle. :)

What training program are you using? I decided to undergo a training myself just for health reasons and running is my way, So we're kinda a like in that matter. I'm using the marathonguru site. http://www.marathon-trainingschedule.com/ and http://www.marathonguru.com.au/

So, good luck in your running journey. :) And ohh, I'm trying to get slim too. :p

10/20/2011 03:11:16 am

Hey Cheena!

I'm using a modification of Hal Higdon's half-marathon program. You can check out my program and some other programs I thought people would find useful under RUN>TRAINING PROGRAMS using the tabs above.

Keep running!


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