I love camp. There's something about getting away from everything for a few days that really changes your perspective on things. This was my first opportunity to play at a kids retreat (as opposed to standard youth/college retreats), and it was TONS of fun. There is an intensity with a bunch of kids in the room singing, dancing, and screaming that simply cannot be matched. 
Outfitters is the 1-4 grade ministry at Hunter Street. I lead worship on Sundays for Route56, the 5-6 grade ministry, so this gave me the opportunity to hang out with the up and coming route56 kids. Being that I lead on Sundays for route56 I don't get much hangout time with the students. It was great to be able to just have fun with these kids. Whether it was challenging them to races in the inflatable obstacle course (those kids are fast!), nailing them in the face with soaked sponges for Splash Dodgeball, or just getting to goof around during our downtime it was a great experience to get some real interaction with students. 

I've got another camp coming up in a few weeks at Lakeside Baptist church. Looking forward to being able to worship with middle school and high school students this time around!

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