Hey guys!

We have successfully made it through another semester. I am so pleased with the dedication that all of my students have put in over these 15 weeks and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish next semester. A few closing thoughts, reminders, and suggestions for the end of our Fall Semester...


Thanks to all the guitarists and pianists who participated in this year's digital Christmas recital. This was my first Christmas recital and so far it looks like it's a hit! The videos have been edited and can be found on my website here. Feel free to share the links with any  friends or relatives that may not have seen your kids play...one of the perks of adigital recital!


Our Spring Semester starts back the week of January 9th. I don't have the full calendar yet, but it will be posted here as soon as I get the specific dates. We normally go for 15 weeks straight with the exception of Spring Break. The recital will be in early May. 


I have officially gotten confirmation from all returning students and have a handful of open spots for the spring semester. If you (I do teach a couple of parents!), your kids, or anyone you know is interested in lessons please pass my name along. Most of my new students come through word of mouth. I am especially on the lookout for homeschool students and anyone that can take lessons before 2:00pm. I currently teach guitar, drums, bass, piano, and ukulele. 


I CANNOT wait until our recital this spring! Following the success of last year's recital, this year my students will be focussing on The Beatles. We'll have full bands (comprised of guitar, drum, piano, and bass students), laid back acoustic songs, students singing and playing, a guitar ensemble, as well as solo performances by guitarists and pianists. So, make sure to start letting your kids listen to The Beatles if they haven't already.. It works a lot better when they actually know the songs that they're playing! 


I'm looking for a few people to write up a quick testimonial/reference for me. There are a few on the homepage of the website if you need an idea of what I'm talking about. Let me know if you would be interested in helping me out!


There are three easy ways to stay in touch and follow updates and other related information:

1. Go to the website: www.stickandstrum.weebly.com
2. Add me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/stickandstrum
3. Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/stickandstrum

If you're on Facebook or Twitter be sure to add me. It may be the quickest and easiest way to get information out there and you'll be the first to know! 


I hope everyone has a great holiday season! If I can do anything for you over the next few weeks, please don't hesitate to let me know. Keep practicing and I'll see you the week of January 9th!

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