's been awhile. Since my last post I finished that training plan and started a new one in January. To be honest, it became a lot harder towards the end of my first training plan last fall. It had nothing to do with the physical aspect of running. It was much more mental. I took a day off here and there and that turned into laziness and apathy. So I made a new plan in January. But I didn't stick to it. However, I did keep running. I just wasn't as diligent in my training. 
All of this training and non-training led up to the big day last weekend: My first half-marathon. I had done a 10 mile run in early January (just to prove to myself that I could) and some 6 and 8 mile runs over the last few weeks but I went in nervous and underprepared. My goal was 2.5 hours which meant running at about an 11.5 minute pace. Results? 2:29:30. I did it! Not only did I complete my first half marathon, but I came in under my goal time. 

Now I get to run for fun. And I'm not really sure what that means. Since I started running last year I've always had goals: complete a 5K, run a faster 5K, complete a 10K, complete a half-marathon. Now what? I supposed I could always try to run faster and farther, but I've honestly grown a little bored with it. I do still enjoy running though. So I'll continue. 

Currently I'm really enjoying getting other people into running. If I can do it (and lose 60 pounds in the process) than anyone can! I honestly couldn't run more than a few yards when I started less than a year ago and I ran a consistent 13.1 miles last weekend. I'm challenging my students and there families to join me in the AAZK Zoo Run on May 19th. I ran this one last year and it's a lot of fun. There's a 5K that runs through the zoo but there are shorter races for younger kids as well. This one is fun for the whole family and I really hope to get a lot of students out there!

Until next time...keep running!

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